The Pilot

Aerobatic - Showdisplay - Tandemflying

Name: Johannes “Blacky” Schwarz
Birth: 1981
Hometown: Wr. Neustadt, Lower Austria
DHV – Hanggliding Instructor
Disciplines: Show/Stunt- and Demoflights, Aerobatic, Tandem flights
Glider: ICARO2000 Laminar 14.1 “Black – Pearl”
Harness: Skyline Flightgear ZD Speed
LAMINAR 14.1 “Black – Pearl”
In 1981, Johannes Schwarz “Blacky” was born in Upper Austria. His father took him a few times to a nice slope in “Micheldorf” where he got his first impressions of this beautiful sport. When he was 16, he started at a flight school making his first experience. At this time he knew that this will become a very big part of his life. With his friends, he collected a lot of experience in thermal and distance flying and got in contact with competition flying.

For 3 years he was part of the scene and met a lot of great people. Because of his job, he could not continue anymore with competing and focused more on free-flying. The possibility of flying and testing different hang gliders offered a lot of experience. This was the countdown for acrobatic flying. For more than 10 years he is an aerobatic pilot.

During the last years, he joined a lot of Airport Festivals and Hanggliding Meetings and performed a great Hanggliding Display.

The most spectacular Shows were:

2011 // justACRO PG WorldCup, Halftime Show, Gerlitzen (AUT)
2015 // DHV Hanggliding Meeting, Halblech Buching (DE)
2016 // Sailplane Grand Prix, Niederöblarn (AUT)
2019 // AIRFEST, Bad Vöslau (AUT)
2022 // AntiDotum Airshow (PL)
2023 // AntiDotum Airshow (PL)

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