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ANTIDOTUM Airshow 17th – 18th June 2022 in Leszno (PL) On Thursday, after 7 hours driving, we arrived in Leszno (PL). A big Airport with 3 runways. We met Witek and his Team right in front of the Hangar. He was very nice and friendly and we where happy that we finally met each other.…
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Hanggliding Instructor

Its already a long time ago, that Regina from DHV called me. “Hey Blacky, do you want to start the course for the hanggliding instructor?”. I said, yes why not? So the journey began. First, there was the need for the theoretical and practical entrance examination. Good flying doesn’t mean to know everything. So the…
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Bad Vöslau Airshow 2019 – Review

A hot, windy weekend on the 15th – 16th of June 2019 in Bad Vöslau lower Austria. Top aerobatic and aviation Teams where invited and the Team of Acroproject was in the middle. T-28 Trojan, Antonov AN-2, Red Bull Blanix, Wills Wing Hangglider, RC – Model Aerobatic, Jets and Formation Teams where at this…
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Airfest 2019

Austria’s largest civil AIRSHOW! More than 40,000 spectators have admired the impossant experience in 2017 and 2018. More than 100 aircraft and attractions awaiting you in 2019 for this big family event. Between Airshow Members like Red Bull Rotorwings, Warbirds, Aerobaticformations and Helicopters, Acroproject got the opportunity to be part of this big great show.…
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Sports World 2019

On the 12th – 13th of Jan. 2019 the austrian Aeroclub got a place on the Vienna Cars and Holiday Exhibition. All sections where present. Sailplane, Balloon flying, Rc – Planes, Parachuting and Hang- Paragliders. The Team from AcroProject and SoaringClub HoheWand where present with a lot of information material and of course with hang…
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End of Year 2018

A year passes by really fast and it is 9 month ago, that the Season opening took place in Hartenstein. During the season 2018, a lot of things happened and various directions were explored. Also a new Harness was ordered and i am really happy to present it to you soon. Wolfgang Genghammer and his…
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